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wow. this is really cute! it really does look like a corgi, but in your amazing style! it's lolling toung and face are drawn sweetly, c...

WOW This is awesome!!! I can't believe it! This is AMAZING for traditional art. 5 stars everywhere. This is amazing! I cannot believe t...

I think this is really good! i like it. it is puhlcritudinous. I really like this art, but i do have some complaints.. -The wolf looks ...

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Whooo Asriel!
I thought he needed a reference even though his colors are near exactly the same as Chara's
Info time!
Name-Asriel Dreemurr
Accessories-The heart Locket. Has no weapon.
Other Nonclassified Traits-A real bright spirit. Tends to try and stay optimistic. Is really not good at handling his emotions, and tends to cry in stressful or mildly saddening situations that most people would just deal with. He treats his "siblings" as his actual siblings, regardless of the species difference. He'll make friends with anybody, and he tends to forgive people very easily. He also tends to worry a lot.. Which clashes with his typically optimistic attitude. He cares for all of his friends like family and all of his family like family, and he hates to see other people sad or hurt. He's in the process of self-teaching himself healing magic, but isn't very good at it yet...
Past-Asriel is the son of Toriel and Asgore Dreemurr, and they all lived together as a happy family. Then Chara came. They accepted her into the family and Asriel formed a very tight bond with their new sibling. That's when Chara devised a plan to free the monsters... Asriel agreed to this, but when it was time to truly activate the plan he simply couldn't. It caused the both of them to die. Many years later, Frisk fell, eventually resurrecting Chara. But.. It was thought there was no hope to bring Asriel back. They proved that wrong! Asriel returned to the world, and now once again lives with his mother and siblings(Frisk now included!).
Here we have a precious goat child in its natural habitat
What am I doing it's 10am and I have places to go
Either way have a goat bby I love him
Kk thanks
Oh Flowey, what have I done to you..
I just wanted to personalize your design a bit and look what I've done...
To be fair, haven't seen another flowey with this exact look, so..
Name-Flowey. Flowey the Flower.
Accessories-None... Does a soul count? Yeah, it does.. Do the thorns count? Hmm...
Gender-Identifies as a male, but.. Well, he's a flower. They.. Don't really have genders, now do they...?
Other Nonclassified Traits-
W/out soul
Always a bad person, highly manipulative, is constantly looking for a soul to steal, power hungry, total freak, feels literally nothing
W/ soul
Has way to many emotions, 24/7 mood swings, cannot handle emotions worth a damn because 1. he never could and 2. he isn't used to them yet. Often angry, not easy to control. Does have compassion for Chara and Frisk.. Has sort of an "odd" relationship with Asriel, to say the least, as they shouldn't be on the same plane of existence with one another but are anyways. He's certainly not good at helping other people in any way whatsoever, is often a sarcastic asshole. He certainly has a sense of humor, even if it can get dark sometimes... He's still a bit manipulative, but not to the same degree as before. Is in his second body, not the original Flowey body(explaining all of the extra... flowery things, and such). The torn leaf is likely just from, well.. Being a torn leaf, before he was "moved". The cut in his petal, however... Has 3 sets of thorns, should have four but the bottom pair is removed for safety reasons. The lower part of his "body" is slightly bruised from being lifted from the ground and moved to the flowerpot often(regardless of how gentle the others try to be), but he doesn't seem to notice... He isn't the biggest fan of the flowerpot, either, as he cant escape at any moment or travel at will, but accepts it in certain situations... Tends to be a nervous wreck some of the time, The other half of the time he's way overconfident and Thinks he knows everything. Never really settles on one emotion for more than 5 minutes at a time... He's certainly not a normal creature...
Flowey's past is... Odd, to say the least. Of course, as most know he started out Asriel, and upon dying his dust spread onto the flowers, eventually becoming injected with determination and becoming the monster he was. However when Asriel was resurrected from the original "flowey" body, he should have been wiped out of existence.. And truly, that would have been fine. But through a.. Mistake, lets say, he was brought back through another test flower... This time without the power to control anything(as two determined humans with a split soul already existed, and.. basically, "reset" broke. forever..). He was still his soulless, manipulative self.. Until eventually, he caught a poor monster on the brink of death after an "accident" had occurred.. He managed to take the soul before it had truly died or even dusted... It took until a moment after, but, soon enough, He could.. Feel. Even months later he isn't used to this "feeling" thing. The first thing he felt.. That odd mix of guilt and happiness. At this point the guilt does not remain.. But, his feelings do. He's alive, and.. Well, everybody better get used to that! Frisk accepted him as part of the family, and eventually an uncomfortable chara and a much more uncomfortable asriel did the same. Flowey is just.. His own thing, now.. And, he's fine with that. Though, sharing vivid memories with another kid is certainly weird.. Either way. They're both around and nobodies leavin!

I cant even with these things
I mean its obvious he can absorb souls from weak/defenseless monsters, as shown by TPE, so.. yeah. Technically he is a monster I guess?? He isn't really classified..
Unspecified accidents because drama~~~
I swear I made this soully to create a weird ass past and personality bullshit, but I mean I guess having a reference for Flowey isn't so bad eh?
Hey I made his design slightly more complicated at least, now I seem less lazy! But... I am lazy... Yay...???
His past is basically "I went from 0 emotion to 130% emotion in about 5 minutes" and that's about it
Hey its better to feel to much than not to feel at all right?
Somebody please help him he's really trying he's just struggling to function in society and he needs to be taught how
Frisk your lessons aren't working he's dying inside
Save him
Okay im gonna stop my midnight time-drunken rant here and leave this overly long description as is
Thanks and all that good shit~~~
So I can remember what I have~
Wyngro Sticker - Snoot Boop by Wyngrew
Wyngro Sticker - Monthly Challange #6 by Wyngrew(I think??)
Wyngro Sticker - Spring Sprung by Wyngrew
Wyngro Sticker - Spring Cleaning by Wyngrew
Wyngro Sticker - NPC Contest by Wyngrew
Wyngro Sticker - Planting Sapling by Wyngrew
Wyngro Sticker - Special Visitor by Wyngrew
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United States
I am a young artist who loves to draw, write, and sew. I try my best to improve every day and I put hard work and care into all of my art. I strive every day to be a good and respectable person, and try to improve my art. I have an art "style", but I try to constantly improve that style, and even still, it improves.
I am a fan of Undertale, Steven Universe, Pokémon, Mario, my Oc's and other peoples OC's, some creepypasta's, the paranormal, My Little Pony, and more. I have done art for most of these things. I hope you guys will enjoy my Deviantart page.
I take requests and sell adoptables. I don't normally use bases, only for adoptables if i'm feeling particularly lazy that day(plus, adoptables made with popular bases sell better ;D), and all requests are free. There is a catch, though; I won't draw anything NSFW. I have no intrest in anything sexual and don't want to become that type of artist. Thanks for understanding, guys.
I'd also be up for roleplay, as long as it is NOT NSFW. thanks!
So all that being said, I hope you have a nice day!


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